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As the butterfly emerges from its cocoon. Phoenix, Arizona native Edward Meeks A.K.A HYPR BST's (Hyper Beast) new Hip Hop/Electronic EP "I AM HYPR BST" gives us a refreshing take on the universal art form known as writing with an original metaphysical/spiritual approach that which like a fine wine paired with a grand italian dish, it not only perfectly complements his electronic instrumental prowess, (which in this latest album installment captures the vibe of the late 80's dance era in between written tracks) it also leaves the appetite of music hungry ears satisfied in under 14 minutes.....-www.iamhyperbeast.com


released 15 July 2014

Tracks #1 (Remembrance) and #4 ( Dios) were recorded,mixed and mastered @ Mars Studio(Phoenix, Arizona) by John Q



all rights reserved


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Track Name: Remembrance
An Illusion Created In The Mind Is The Illusion That Has The Potential To Manifest/For He Who Lives As The Ego Is The Start Of This Process/Fear,Greed,Jealously,And Hate Are Notable Diagnoses/That We The Universe Witness During The Human Experience/Taking The Time To Evaluate He Asks Could This Be The Cause Of The High Percentage In The Divorce Rate?/What About The Other Problems Across The United States We Create/Because Let Our Ego Participate/Racism,Religious Conflicts,And Territorial Wars Among Such Gangs As Bloods And Crips/All Exist Due To The Illusion That We Are Separate/The Karmic Lessons That Were Stated Shall Repeat Because The True Self Was Neglected/Inner Peace Is Lost Due To Side Stepping The Absolute Message/ Actions Bring Forth Manifestation/What Will Be Our Choice/Amongst These Cosmic Vibrations

Who Want To Be Shall Determine What We Will See/What Want To Do Shall Determine How We Move/It's Time To Make A Difference/We Are Complete/ Learning And Growing Is Remembrance/

One Who Knows To Let Go/Is The One Who Has Come To Understand Change Is Absolute And Progression Is Not Experienced Unless We Grow/This Brings Us To A Teacher In Nature We Have Come To Know/The Caterpillar Will Show/That To Resist Our Next Stage In Development/ Is To Hinder Our Beautiful Metamorphosis In Which We Come To Discover New Found Wisdom And Intelligence/The Existence Of Infinite Learning At Hand Allows One To Understand/We Are The Universe Co Creating With One Another, Evolving Through What We Know As Human/The Answers We Seek Are All Around Us/Are We Tuning In/He Hopes To See More People Come To Realization That Life Is Easier When We Use The Power Within/There Has Never Been A Moment Without Guidance/And This Due To Synchronicity/The Balance Of Faith And Science/With The Conclusion Of This Song On The Horizon/We Are The Source Of Love/Begin Where With Man It Has Resided/

Who Want To Be Shall Determine What We Will See/What Want To Do Shall Determine How We Move/It's Time To Make A Difference/We Are Complete/ Learning And Growing Is Remembrance
Track Name: Dios
Alright.....Lets get into something infinite.....

To split the earth in half and within its molten core He took a bath/Dried off with the tectonics plates to contemplate an awakening man had/The dialogue that questioned the reality of that awakening was spoken in this tongue soul of lad/Would man witness a new reflection on how he treats others throughout the human populous/we then as one come to understand the answer itself was obvious/ the universe doesn't discriminate the habitual programming of the subconscious/whether it's poverty or it's close kin prosperous/ blaming others for our reflections or consciously thought manifestations/ is not knowing our immaculate power therefore potential to barricade our true destination/proclamation/ he's outside the galaxy done with the box it's getting to congested/ that's were the carbon copies flock/raising the bar with the human vibrational frequency/this love in the end shall reap planetary awakening...

Hey Hey Dios Es Bueno
Hey Hey Dios Es Bueno
Hey Hey Dios Es Bueno
God Is Good Act Like You Know *Repeat 2x*

He Annihilates His Ego Thus Within Creating Union/ We Are NonDualistic Energy Experiencing Life As Human/Practicing The Art of Foundation With No Excuses/He's Tired of Seeing Mislead People Due To False Leaders Illusions Enough Is Enough We Are Never Questioning Who? They,Us, Ourselves/Faith Is Walking The Highest Path In The Soul Knowing That The God That Resides Within All Is Here To Help/We Belong To Life Itself/Let That Ball And Chain Mentality Go/ Remember Within Relationship Only Yourself You Control/To Represent The Light Is To Represent The Truth/Unbeknownst To Some These Two Are Pursuers While We're In Pursuit/Law Of Attraction/Is Its Name/ Understanding It Is The Game/Under These Cosmic Laws/No Two Paths Are The Same/We're Taking Part In Cosmic Evolution , Regardless On Your View In Life We're All Here To Make A Change.

Hey Hey Dios Es Bueno
Hey Hey Dios Es Bueno
Hey Hey Dios Es Bueno
God Is Good Act Like You Know *Repeat 2x*