A Man Who Stood 5'9 Heeded The Wise Words Of An Owl/And In A Calm Manner The Owl Stated/"Through This Wisdom That I Teach Conquering The Battles Within Shall Be Bestowed"/The Man Then Questioned....And After These Battles Have Been Won?/The Owl Then Stated "Grasp The Light From Within To Experience A Higher Kingdom"/"The Owl Then Continued" "It's Place Where One Is Not Confined To A Prison In The Mind Because A Single Image Of What You Belong To Is Not True Freedom/Love Is One/Hence Choosing To Be A Slave To Dualism Is The Reason/ Human Has And Shall Continue To Fall/Rejecting Aspects Of The Universe You Miss The Signs You Determined Along With The Higher Call/The Man Then Replied To The Owl/ I Want To Share This Knowledge With The World Please Explain How/"Hear Me Now"/The Owl Said Before It Stated What It Saw Due To Its High Perception /Let Go Of That False Image You Feared Of Losing/With That Have Been Done/Your Light Will Reach And Point Humans In The Right Direction/Through This Absolute Truth You Guide One Another/To Be Free From Attachments So Humans Awaken To No Longer Suffer/Excited With A Question The Man Uttered/So Within Us A
Master Is To Be Discovered!?/The Owl Replied "Yes"/Because You Are All Blessed/You All Have Success/It's Quite Simple/ What One Co Creates The Next Human Has The Power To Manifest/Through Such Exhibition We Come To Understand Humans Are Limitless/The Man Then Asked/Are Those Events Best Seen When The Heart Is Open To The Infinite/The Owl Then Answered "Precise"/ But Know Reality Shapes Around Thoughts And The Person The Human Has Decided To Become In Life/So With Even The Absolute Truth Handed To You/Man And Woman Shall Forever Determine For There Own Human Experience What Is Wrong And....What Is Right.....


released 19 October 2014



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HYPR BST Arizona

(HYPER BEAST) Word Wizard/Instrumental Sorcerer

The universe that resides within all cannot be defined therefore giving a fixed description to an expression of life that experiences the absolute nature of change would just create limitation in ones infinite understanding and undertaking-HYPR BST ... more

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