M​.​E​.​T​.​A (Manifestations Experienced Through Action)


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I'm Surfing The Through Universe's Ocean Words In Motion/ I Got Your Girl's Chakra To Open/ This Is That Magic Rap Potion/I'm Feeling OmniPotent I Must Of Awoken/Thought Provoking/Something Like You All Alone Smoking/While Questioning The World And It's Notions/With That Said The Conceptual Can Turn Perpetual/Like The Change In Calendar Seasons/Inevitable/So Remain Questionable/ Of The Man That Doesn't Tend To His Garden But Will Steal Your Hard Earned Vegetables/What Is Not Credible/Does Not Discern That Truth From Being Eligible/ / Some Are Still Stuck On The Same Games Like Hoes And Super Nintendo/Acting The Age Of Ten Though And Don't Want To Let Go/Like Rappers And Ego/I'll Be The Alchemist To Make Gold From Lesser Metals/Instead Of Signing Contracts With Devils/There's Plethora Of Different Levels/Don't Make The Soul Sellable Even Though We Can Learn From What Was Regrettable/

Questions I Have Answer I Find Thoughts Racing Through This Mind Dancing With Space And Time Sometimes It's Worse Than Betta But One Thing For Sure I Gotta Keep It Meta

This Is That True Sense So It Won't Contradict Like Vegan Extremist That Slandered Others With Self Righteousness Thinking He Had The Greater Consciousness But Was So Oblivious To Science And The Fact That Balance Allowed The Universe And Life To Exist He Who Is Prosperous Let Go Of Attachments Yup That's What Happens Instant Gratification Does Not Compare To He Who Mastered Through Practice So Don't Tell Me There Is No Thing As Magic When The Vibrational Frequencies Are Galactic Not All Will Grasp It Enigmatic Some Are No More Then A Slave To The Ice Berg On Their Wrists Which Sinks Them Like The Titanic Which Therefore Means The Soul In Darkness Will Mimic The Depths Of Ocean Water Hence The Reason Kids Get Shot Over
New Shoes From Footlocker
Cold Hearted Greed Is Just A Sponsor And That Man In The Streets Is It's New Partner Order Doesn't Prevail When Hands With Reptilian Like Scales Don't Care About That Justice Scale Until It's Felt Like Braille

M.E.T.A (Manifestations Experienced Through Actions)


released January 27, 2016



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