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How Deep Can The Consciousness Get As A New Forms Of Thoughts Come To Exist Enter A Place Where Man Questions The Hour And The Minute Hand On His Wrist Contemplating Illusions Of The Curse And The Gift Like Manifestations One Created Based On Intent The Mind So Close But The Heart So Distant One Must Take But Also Be Giving Just Because You Wake Up Each Morning For Work Doesn't Mean You're Living. These Kites Stuck In Trees Forgotten Times As Children With That Said What Are We As Humans Building With These So Called DNA Prisons Exhibiting False Identities Which Keep Our True Self Hidden People Viewing Politicians As Omniscient In Deep Slumber Not Following Their Higher Vision Fearing God Like One Needed The Universe's Permission The Belief Of Separation Of That Which Is Creation Exhibits The Lost Of Intuition Hourglasses Remind One Of The Beginning And Ending In Each Grain, Granule, And Fragment Across The Planet Which Attracts People Into Our Lives Like We Were Magnets As We Connect On Social Media Hash Tagging It Understanding The Organic And Plastic Within The Balance Where Slaves Are Content With Their Life Because He or She Drinks From A Chalice While The News Sings Ignorant Ballads Brainwashed Voters Standing In Booths Dropping Ballots While Cowards Walk On Thin Ice About To Fall On Spikes Living Double Lives Getting High Off Of Facebook Likes... Stick To Following The Crowd Y'all Ain't Prepared For The Light Stick To Running From Your Problems You Ain't About That Life... Clueless That We Were Much Stronger Than We Thought Falling From Those Egotistical Heights You Know He Gets In Because It All Begins Within That's What We Call InSight....The G O D That Resides In Thee Is Pure Might So Heeded The Call And Grabbed The Mic Enter A Frontier Of Delight Due To Fact It Doesn't Stop Here Let It Go Full Circle Like Sphere. Give Attention To The Signs You Created For Yourself To Know When Those Good Things Shall Appear You Feel Me Metaphysically Astronomically He's An Anomaly The World Is In The Palm Of His Hand Mathematically, Break It Down Like Numerology Emcees Get Bodied With No Apologies Meanwhile The Man Afraid To Walk On Land Will Never Set Sail In The Open In The Seas What's 2016 Compared To Man Who Channeled 2033 Let's Get Reacquainted Psychologically Like Relationships With Control Issues Because They Are Possessive Like An Apostrophe Separate From One Another Like Subject And Predicate He Who Is The Fool Shall Neglect It....The Truth That Is...Just When Man Thought He Got Outside The Box He Realized He Was Hop Scotching On That Grid....And All We Had To Do Was Stop That Game But We Sit There And Complain Knowing Damn Well We Had The Key Set To The Chains Man..... Thieves In Night Wanna Still His Shine But As Long As He Still Breathes He Who Is Coward Shall See No Reward Need I Tell More....The Man Who Doesn't Know The Realties In Which He Had Created From Himself Will Never See The High Score Getting Stuck In Life Like Quarters In The Arcade Machines Cornucopias To Those Who Embrace Their Higher Being So Just Learn Let Go Because These Things We Perceive Are Just Based On Who You And I....Believe To Be...Imhotep For The Innocent But So Naive We Guillotine Those Who Are Not Guilty. Filthy A False Sense Of Inner Peace You Yourself You Must Defeat Instead Of Giving Conscious Permission To Others Actions Which Create Your Reaction Based Of The Belief You Held About The Experience Before It Happen... Who Would Practice Self Awareness When Their Constant Blame Is Just A Distraction? Who Would Of Thought Ignoring Our Lessons In Life Would Become A Passion Flaunting It Like Its A New Sense Of Fashion Afraid Of To Heal The Pain No Aspirin And All It Took Was The Bigger Picture Like The Mountains In Aspen Now Are You Grasping The Serene And Tranquil In Everest The Meaning Behind This Message


released May 27, 2016



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